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Why Should Buy Furniture from JLF?

Java Life Furniture has more than 10 years experienced in producing high-quality solid wood indoor and outdoor furniture. We have been exporting to many countries including European, American, Middle East and Asian market. We always be able to provide & innovate our furniture to follow the market demands, trends and customer needs. Maintain the quality and choosing the best materials is our concern to create lifetime furniture products. 

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Thriving on Quality

Every step of our production process, are managed with management of quality control system. From upstream to downstream. It starts form controlling woods supply, drawing construction explanation, semi-finished goods, finished goods, also controlling the quality of packaging.

Focused on

long-term cooperation

We believe of ‘people valued by how they useful to other people’. With this value, we driven our company team to serve every buyers and suppliers for long-term relationships, and family-oriented. From supplying materials, quality control, providing buyers with clear report, until products are established to destination, our team are happy to give good positive attitude to serve in terms of building and maintain long-term relationships and cooperation.